A zone visit is a pre-booked visit for routine work and preventative health care such as vaccinations, routine dentistry, identification certificates and microchipping. They are in a specific area on a specific day.

We have divided our practice area into zones. Each zone is allocated a specific day of the week and if you organise your routine visit for your zone day the cost of the visit will be significantly reduced. Currently the visit cost is just £20. This charge is significantly reduced fee, but we are only able to do this is the below criteria are followed:

Zone visit guidelines

• Zone visits must be paid for on the day – the vets all carry mobile card readers and I pads with them. They can also accept cash or cheques during the visit.
• Zone visits must be pre-booked at least two days in advance, but please give as much notice as possible to ensure a place, many zones will book up 1 to 2 weeks ahead.
• You will be given a two-hour window for your visit. Please contact reception after 3pm on the day before your visit for details. This allows the vet to travel the most efficient route, thus being able to offer the reduced call out fee.
• Zone visit availability is limited and is booked on a first come first served basis, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
• Unfortunately, specific vets and times cannot be requested. If you are unavailable at any time on the day of the zone visit, please arrange a routine visit with your usual vet at a time and date to suit you.
More involved work such as scanning, re-examinations, radiographs, endoscopy, gastroscopy, castrations, pre-purchase or insurance examinations, complicated dental work and lameness investigations and, of course, emergencies, are not suitable for Zone visits. As we cannot guarantee a specific vet for your zone visit, nor the appropriate time to spend with your horse, these types of case should be booked as a routine visit with your usual vet.

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