Our clinic has a wide range of ultrasound scanners, all portable, which can cope with uses as diverse as scanning mares for pregnancy or looking for subtle tendon damage. Ultrasound is primarily used for looking at soft-tissue structures, but can also be used to pick up subtle changes on the surface of bone in some cases. Our newest machine is capable of running off battery power, so even if there is no mains supply ? no problem!


We have four x-ray machines, all producing very high quality digital images. Two machines are portable: ideal to take out to yards as well as for in-clinic use. The others are powerful clinic-based machines, able to give good images of difficult areas of the horse, for example the neck and back.


Used primarily to visualise the horse?s throat and upper airways, this is an invaluable and portable tool to help in the diagnosis of respiratory disease. Endoscopy can form an important part in the diagnosis process from subtle poor performance problems to overtly ill horses. An extra-long endoscope wielded by Medicine Consultant Rachael Conwell, is used to search for gastric ulcers.