What can we offer?

We have a fully equipped and recently refurbished equine operating theatre.

Including padded induction and recovery box, modern fully adjustable inflatable operating table, inhalation anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

We offer all elective surgical procedures, performed by either one of our in-house veterinary surgeons or our visiting specialist.

Bringing your horse to NWEV

Attentive Care

We understand that hospitalisation of your horse can be a distressing time. Rest assured that your horse will be in safe hands, and given the highest standard of professional care.

24-hour in-patient care is available for patients needing frequent monitoring or intensive care, or even just overnight accommodation for those requiring minor procedures or tests.

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Preparing your horse for Surgery

We usually admit horses the afternoon prior to their planned surgery to allow a thorough pre-anaesthetic examination and to ensure that they are starved overnight. This is important for the safety of the anaesthetic.

Please bring your horse's passport and, if insured, ensure that your insurance company has been informed that your horse is undergoing surgery.

Your horse's shoes will also need to be removed prior to surgery.

Anaesthetic Risk

We take every care to ensure every horse's safety under general anaesthetic. We minimise the risks with proper preparation, special equipment and facilities at our Rathmell site, vigilant monitoring and adherence to guidelines before, during and after anaesthesia.

Unfortunately it is a fact that horses carry a higher risk of death or serious complications during anaesthesia and in recovery than other animals. This is due to their size, physiology and in part to their "flight" instinct. The most recent figures from multi-centre studies place this risk between 1-2%.

We will always talk you through the risks versus benefits of surgery if this is recommended for your horse, to ensure that you feel equipped to make the right decision for you and your horse.

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