We have you covered.

Veterinary care for all types of horse, pony and donkey, from the much-loved family pony to the professional competition yard

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We have you covered.

A team of 10 equine vets covering first-opinion practice and specialist consultancy

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We have you covered.

Three clinics located across the North West region including a purpose-built clinic at Rathmell with full surgical and hospitalisation facilities

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We have you covered.

Wide geographical coverage from the Yorkshire Dales to South Cumbria and Lancashire

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We have you covered.

24 / 7 emergency care provided by our own team

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At North West Equine Vets we pride ourserves on offering exceptional equine care and a wide range of services for our clients in Yorkshire, South Cumbria and Lancashire whilst maintaining the friendly atmosphere and high level of personal attention associated with a smaller practice.

Our main clinics are based at Rathmell in Yorkshire, Lupton in Cumbria and Great Harwood in Lancashire.

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Lameness Investigation

Our clinics at Great Harwood and Rathmell are fully equipped for lameness investigations with all weather sand ménage, trot up area and examination room.


We utilise a range of diagnostic equipment including ultrasound scanners, x-ray machines and endoscopes.

Internal Medicine

Anything not treated by surgical methods is considered medicine. This can include weight loss and recurrent lameness investigations, eye diseases, gastric ulcers, neurology, cardiology, respiratory diseases and many other conditions.


A gastroscopy is a procedure where a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is used to look inside the oesophagus (gullet), stomach and first part of the small intestine.

Poor Performance Investigation

Our clinic has the modern technology and experienced resources to carry out these investigations to suit your needs and performance level.

Stud Medicine

We are a BEVA approved AI Centre. Our vets and the team at End House Stud, Gisburn have a wealth of experience in stud medicine from conception to foal care. We offer a range of competitive stud packages to suit your needs.

IRAP Treatment

IRAP is a treatment for osteoarthritis cultivated from a horse's own blood and processed so it can be injected into the affected joint.


We appreciate that it is hard enough losing a much loved horse or pony without having to worry about anything else. We can arrange all aspects of collection and cremation to save you any further heartache or distress.

Equine Dentistry

From routine rasping to surgical correction of serious problems our specialised vets are able to provide a full spectrum of dental care for your horse.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

By offering thorough pre-purchase examinations we can help to inform your buying decisions and avoid potential heartbreak and expense later.

Surgical Procedures

Full purpose-built theatre, anaesthesia equipment and hospitalisation facilities for surgical procedures, performed by our surgeons or visiting specialists.


A vaccine is an injection that stimulates an immune response against a specific infection. A vaccination programme will ensure that your horse has maximum protection against the infections in the UK which can cause serious (and sometimes fatal) diseases

Mobile DR X-Ray machine

We always strive to offer the best service, investing in new technology to meet our customers’ needs. After months of researching and trialing, we have finally received our new DR X-ray system and we love it!

JMB height measurement

Horses can attend our surgery at Great Harwood for official JMB height measurements. Our measuring pad is located indoors in a quiet environment so horses can relax fully prior to measurement. Our measuring vet, David Aldington, has been on the JMB panel of official measurers for over 20 years and we endeavour to allow plenty of time for horses to settle before being measured.

laser surgery

North West Equine Vets offers state-of-the-art laser surgery which can be used to treat a variety of conditions. A laser generates an intense beam of light that, for surgical purposes can be used to cut, seal or vaporise tissue.


Microchipping your horse Following the introduction of compulsory passports for all horses, all foals born must now be microchipped before an owner can apply for an equine passport. A microchip is a small implant, about the size of a grain of rice, which contains a unique serial code. It is inserted, via an injection, into the ligament on the left side of the horse’s neck. This is a none painful method of permanent identification. It is a quick and easy procedure that must only be carried out by a veterinary surgeon.

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