Specialist care & diagnostics

On occasion one of our vets may recommend that your horse is referred to another practice. This could be for the use of specialist diagnostic equipment or for the opinion of a specialist in a particular field of medicine.

The referral process will be fully managed by the NWEV team, providing all the necessary information relevant to the case; you will then be contacted by the referral centre and a suitable appointment will be arranged.

For emergency cases, such as surgical colics that require prompt intervention, the referral centre will be immediately informed by our veterinary surgeon and will be ready for your arrival.

After initial examination, the referral vets will proceed with the appropriate specialised diagnostics or treatment. Your horse will stay in the hospital for the necessary time and the referral vets will keep you informed daily about their recovery. Upon discharge the referral practice will provide a full report of their findings to your NWEV vet. They will then continue your horses care.