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Saying goodbye will never be an easy thing to do. However, to be able to give horses and ponies a dignified and peaceful end, or to stop their suffering is something we see as a privilege - albeit a sad and solemn one.

Leave the arrangements to us

We appreciate that it is hard enough losing a much loved horse or pony without having to worry about anything else. We can arrange all aspects of collection and cremation for you if this is what you would prefer. Equally we are happy to stand back if you wish to make your own arrangements.

Can I bury my own horse?

Equines who are counted as family pets (not part of a business) may legally be buried. However permission from the local authorities should always be sought first to avoid problems such as contamination of waterways.

The Importance of Advanced Preparation

The decision to euthanase a horse may be the most difficult one faced by an owner.

In addition to emotional stress, the situation is further complicated by the practical arrangements necessary.

It can be useful to leave a plan of your arrangements with your yard owner or temporary carer so that if you are unavailable in an emergency situation your wishes can still be respected.

We have prepared a leaflet which covers everything from making the decision to methods of euthanasia, the reactions of your horse, useful contact details, dealing with insurance companies and more. You can download the leaflet by clicking the link below. 

Euthanasia Advice
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Quality of Life

Assessing our horses' quality of life can be an emotional and difficult judgement.

We know and love our horse and, as such, we need to be able to honestly translate the information they give us and this can be very hard when we see our horses every day.

To make things even more difficult, the way that we assess the physical wellbeing of a horse can be influenced by many factors including their age, whether they are recovering from injury or have any underlying conditions.

We have produced a leaflet which provides a wealth of helpful advice and information to support owners in judging their animal's quality of life, which you are welcome to download by clicking the link below.

Quality Of Life Advice