Stud Medicine

Wealth of Experience

North West Equine Vets are a BEVA approved AI Centre with a wealth of knowledge of stud medicine from conception to foal care. We offer a range of competitive stud packages to suit your needs.

We have close links with End House Stud in Gisburn and together we offer many years of experience of caring for mares and foals - from the time you decide to put your mare in foal, through pregnancy to foaling and beyond.

End House Stud have their own high class proven competition stallions, or alternatively we offer insemination with chilled or frozen semen from the stallion of your choice.

How it works

Mares need repeated ultrasound examinations to determine the optimum point in their cycles to inseminate. This optimum time will vary depending on whether you are using natural covering or chilled, fresh or frozen artificial insemination.

We can also offer pre-covering CEM (Contagious Equine Metritits) swabbing for mares and stallions along with any blood sampling requirements.