Join our Fatclub, free of charge for existing clients

Keeping horses in tip top condition is not easy… especially within the constraints of modern management situations.

FATCLUB aims to provide support to those who are struggling to maintain optimum weight for their horses.

Firstly, you are not alone!

You will be part of a community of owners all facing the same challenges. Equine obesity is the most common problem we, as vets see. We are here to give advice and guidance.

There is a closed FATCLUB Facebook group which you will be invited to join. Members are encouraged to help one another, sharing your top tips (and disasters!) and giving each other support, encouragement and sharing success stories.

FATCLUB is FREE to join, upon enrolment you will be given a pack bursting with useful information, plus advice from our vets.

Gaining control of your horse and ponies weight is crucial to a long and happy life for your equine friend.

If you would like any further information, or to enrol, please complete the form below or call the practice on 0808 168 5580 or 01254 888 600

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What is included?

  • FATCLUB facebook group be part of a community where you can share your experiences, see success stories, case studies, top tips, interact with other owners trying to achieve the same aim.
  • Mobile weighbridge use (small charge)
  • Free weigh tape to monitor horses weight
  • Monitoring chart to keep records of your horses progress
  • Veterinary and nutritionist dietary advice
  • Top tips to manage food intake
  • Body condition scoring for your horse
  • FREE scoring chart
  • Priority booking onto client evenings
  • Special offers exclusive to Fatclub members

Fatclub enrollment form

Please complete the form below to be enrolled into our Fatclub. We will then send you a package full of useful information and special offers that are exclusively available to Fatclub members.

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