Mobile DR X-Ray machine

DR Mobile X-ray

We always strive to offer the best service, investing in new technology to meet our customers’ needs.
After months of researching and trialing, we have finally received our new DR X-ray system and we love it!

It will offer a range of benefits to you, our clients:
• Totally portable - X-rays can be taken at your premises; no need to transport your horse.
• Images can be displayed on the computer screen within seconds, so our vets can process them on site ensuring that we have the views we need before we leave your yard.
• Images are high resolution, with fantastic clarity.
• We can share the high resolution images with referral specialists where necessary.
• Wireless - no tripping over wires trailed across the yard or stable.

Jane King BVetMed MRCVS

“I can’t believe the quality of image the new Celtic SMR DR system is giving us. It is a far cry from the days of developing x-rays in tanks of chemicals in the dark room.
Best of all this will help us to improve the level of care we can offer our patients, and will revolutionize our diagnostics.
I, along with the other vets, am very excited to be able to offer this new equipment. It will be as useful for the old treasured laminitic pony as for the elite racehorse and so all of our clients will be able to benefit.” Jane King BVetMed MRCVS