How to apply a foot poultice - demonstration

Foot abscess, also known as pus in the foot, is very commonly seen in horses, ponies and donkeys. They are generally very painful with a sudden onset. Abscess result from a localised bacterial infection developing inside the hoof wall or under the sole. This typically develops after a penetrating injury through the sole, or by tracking up the white line (the seam between the sole and the hoof wall).
If you are treating a horse with an abscess, this short video may help, showing you how to apply the poultice.
Recurrent abscesses at the same location can reflect either the presence of a deep seated unresolved infection, a foot tumour called a keratoma, infection of the pedal bone within the foot or chronic laminititis. Call 0808 168 5580 or 01254 888 600 for further info.
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