New Worm Egg Count

20 Mar 2023

Introducing a simple way to manage your horses annual worming requirements, following best practice by reducing the risk of drug resistance in our equine population.

Only worm when necessary and not as routine.

  • Unlimited worming advice from the people who know your horses.
  • Convenient and easy to follow.

Pay a one off fee and receive a worm egg count package containing all you will need for the coming year. Call us on 0808 168 5580 or 01254 888 600

Background image - Worming Package Flyer

What's in the Pack?

Basic package - £34

Your annual worm egg count requirements taken care of in one simple purchase. Your pack will include:

  • 3 x worm egg counts, throughout the grazing season (March - September)
  • Unlimited advice from our vets or RAMA's that know your horses
  • Glove, submission form and plastic bags x 3
  • Worming information sheet with calender showing when and how to submit samples
  • Return addressed postage bags x 3
  • Weigh tape

Full package - £55

All of the above plus an Equisal test kit to test for tapeworm.

Further Information

For more information please check our worming page.