10 Oct 2023

Proud to be an independent equine practice

We are aware that there is much media discussion at present regarding the veterinary profession, mainly the differences between independently owned veterinary practices and corporate owned practices. We wanted to take this opportunity to address these concerns for our clients.
UK independent vet practices are increasingly rare. In fact, over half of all practices are owned by just six companies! You may not be aware but many of your local practices have been sold to corporates. Independent practices are owned by a single veterinarian or a group of individuals, whereas corporate organisations tend to own multiple practices either regionally, nationally or even internationally.

Background image - Luisa Peter Olt577jtpm0 Unsplash

North West Equine Vets is proud to be independently owned by our directors Jane King, Paul Smith, Catherine Speakman and Richard Knight, all of whom are practicing equine vets at NWEV. This means that the care and the welfare of your horse is our number one priority, we do not answer to anyone else. We value the freedom to make individual choices whilst benefiting from collaboration within a larger group of like-minded independent practices within the XL Vets group ( we share ideas / experience and knowledge in order to achieve the highest standards of equine veterinary care and welfare. There is no financial or strategic incentive.

We can re-assure you that despite many practices moving to the corporate market, we fully intend to remain an independently owned business. We have clinical freedom and report to only one boss, THE HORSE STOOD IN FRONT OF US.