Client Evenings


Here at North West Equine Vets we have always been keen to educate and (sometimes) entertain our clients!

We are all horsemen and women and consider ourselves very lucky as equine vets, that we have been able to indulge that passion and learn more about horses. We understand that most horse owners also have a huge appetite, like us, to learn more about their horses. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to pass on valuable insights and provoke discussion amongst our equine community.

Throughout the year we host several client evenings, mainly during the darker, cold winter months, with lectures by our vets or guest speakers on a variety of topics. These evenings are usually accompanied by light refreshments and provide a welcome gathering of like-minded people to discuss and learn! We discuss topics ranging from lameness and poor performance to nutrition and digestion… we have even had celebrity appearances!

Our ultimate goal is improved welfare for all equines through well informed management and husbandry. Hopefully we all learn something, at the very least we hope to provoke thought.